Gyeongamdong is found within Gunsan city and, on first glance, resembles any other older neighborhood in Korea until you notice the pair of train tracks that cuts straight through the middle of the village. For decades, trains from the Paper Korea factory- a factory that made paper used for print news- would cross through Gyeongamdong on these tracks carrying loads of supplies and finished products.
In the past, there was railroad from station to post, but after Japanese colonial era this place was abandoned. Nowadays, the city hall is trying to make the sights. Although the trains are not utilized, you can walk the railroad and borrow korean style School Uniform.


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    14, Gyeongchon 4-gil, Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do 54033, South Korea

    The taxi fare from Gunsan station to Gyeongamdong railroad town is about 5,000 won