Club Party Guest house

To enjoy party time, foreginers and Koreans all come to Uncles, in which a variety of performances and parties are being held: music shows , dance performances, Barbercu Party, Club Party, etc. It also has leisure sports facilities in it.
Young people call Uncles "Paradise", the space where everybody comes and enjoy themselves.

乐于派对, 外国人和一些韩国人都来了Uncles,这里是举行各种各样的表演和派对。 比如,歌儿,跳舞,表演,烤肉派对,酒吧派对等,另外,也具有着休闲运动设施 所有人都来这儿,可以享受好玩儿自己的功夫,年轻人都叫Uncles是paradise.

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    38, Bukhangangbyeon-gil, Seocheon-ri, namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Korea

    Gulbongsan station(屈峰山站)

    The taxi fare from Gulbongsan station to Uncles is about 4,700 won

    Check Out(退房): 11:00 AM / Check In(入住): 15:00 PM

    one people(四位) one night(一夜)

    Man(男人): 25,000won (25,000韩币) /

    Barbecue party time(烤肉派对):
    20:00 ~ 23:00PM((从20:00点到23:00点)

    Club party time (俱乐派对):
    23:00 ~ 02:00AM((从23:00点到02:00点)

    Barbecue and Club Fee: 35,000won(35,000韩币)

    Club Party Guest House